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Shutter Blinds

Shutter blinds are a beautiful way to light up a dark room. The shutter blinds are made of wood, they come in brown color and white. They are made from 100 percent kiln dried basswood. The brown wood look gives a room a warm cozy feeling and the white wood gives the room a lightening effect. Shutter blinds are becoming a fast rising product, with Venetian and Roman blinds dominating the wish list of people looking for blinds, the Shutter blinds go unnoticed.

You have 7 other paint colors aside from the white and brown. Shutter blinds also come in stains and smooth finishes. You get to choose the control side of the blinds. The control side is whichever side holds the strings to control the light and the movement of the blinds.

The Shutter blinds come with a wood valance, a bottom rail, cord tassel and a bottom rail plug. The slat ends are finished to create the beauty and the strength of the blinds.

The side returns on valences are miter sawed and glued, the valance is an about 3 and decorative. There are limitations like the minimum width is only 8, the minimum height is 10 and there are braided ladders only. But the limitations are not too restrictive. The height and width will fall into a standard window. For extra large windows these custom shutter blinds may not work for you.

Make sure that if you custom order these Shutter blinds that the measurements are correct. Sometimes the company has a strict policy on returns because the customer does the measurements.
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