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Vertical Blinds

Once you have made the choice of putting up blinds. Consider vertical blinds, they are strong and they are thick in width making them durable. They are made of vinyl; vinyl is a smooth material and therefore making the blinds easy to clean. The dust just wipes right off with a dust rag.

You can choose from either a smooth or a textured side called embossed PCV. Vertical blinds are very decorative and many homes have them, they are extremely popular. If you have a sliding glass door a vertical blind set would look fantastic. They make shorter versions of the blinds so that they will fit into any size window. They look great on big picture windows too.

The vertical blinds come with a very durable track system. These track systems never need to be replaced. They are made with PVC, which is a strong material and it is very hard to destroy. Some verticals come in faux wood and there are even vertical blinds made with mirrors. Those are easy to clean as well but take longer to clean than regular PVC blinds.

Vertical blinds come in off white, beige and Ivory. If you are having them custom made then you may be able to get a specific color that you want to match the décor. Vertical blinds are inexpensive and you can find these in any local blind store or retail store such as Wal Mart or Target.
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